Hybrid Mobile Apps

Ok, it’s been a little while since my last post…
Below is a presentation I gave about a year ago on the benefits of using web technologies for creating mobile apps over developing native apps. It’s been a hot topic for a while obviously, but is still relevant.
Web technologies are pervasive and this can be very easily seen because the only truly cross-platform client side graphical interfaces are built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You can build a graphical interface using these technologies that will work on phones, tablets, televisions, DVD players, laptops/desktops, and other devices I’m sure.
If you are planning on learning a new computer language and don’t know javascript yet, then I would say it should be at the very top of your list.

I have been working on a social web project that utilizes probably the biggest web design buzz technology out there now: responsive web design. I am using Bootstrap for this which will help this web application format itself accordingly by detecting the screen size of the device it is being displayed on. Along with Bootstrap we are using KnockoutJS, a MVC framework for the browsers HTML and javascript. The combination of these 2 technologies has proven to be pretty amazing so far making development fast, easy, making code simple and organized, and Bootstrap produces a beautiful interface.
Hopefully, this application will be out in public beta soon.