Knowcean is a play on 3 words – knowledge, ocean, and notion.

profile imageI am Erik Paulsson, a technology enthusiast that has a passion for architecting and building innovative solutions and applications that leverage the potential of cloud infrastructures. I think open source is the way of the future and that in most cases open source tools are much more powerful and easier to use than commercial equivalents. I have a passion for quality and simplicity. Simplicity is hard to achieve, adding complexity is easy.

I decided it was about time that I put a blog together to collect and share my thoughts and experiences in technology. I plan on writing about cloud computing, virtualization, automation, Java, web services, web applications, elastic autoscaling, distributed systems, javascript, HTML5, mobile development, Python, Django, and more…

Besides technology I am also a husband, father, and lover of the outdoors.

When not working with technology I am most likely spending time with my wife and kids, fishing, surfing, diving, or enjoying the outdoors in some way.

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